Quiz: A quiz on Dune director Denis Villeneuve

This is the image of a fictional flying vehicle used in the film Blade Runner 2049. What is the name of this vehicle? *

In the movie Arrival, Amy Adams' and Jeremy Renner's characters make contact with two cephalopod-like, seven-limbed aliens. What is the nickname provided by Jeremy Renner's character to these two aliens? *

Souha Bechara attempted to assassinate General Antoine Lahad of the South Lebanon Army at the age of 21. She was released from prison after 10 years. Parts of her life story were used in a 2003 play which was later adapted by Denis Villeneuve. Name the film. *

Which Denis Villenueve movie title is derived from the Spanish word for "hitman"? *

Dune is a two-part adaptation of which author's iconic 1968 science fiction novel of the same name? *

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